Friday, May 16, 2008

TamBayan: The FEU Online Community is the online portal of Far Eastern University students and alumni. On its first year, it existed as an online forum connected to the FEU Advocate, the official student publication. In fact, its previous site URL was reflective of the link between the celebrated publication to the online forum.

Known as TamBayan [Tamaraw community], it is slowly gaining popularity even among non-Tamaraws. TamBayan stands today as the e-community of every FEU student and alumnus allowing them to share views and thoughts on various issues & topics. It has become a venue for self-expression which could be helpful in addressing student-related concerns and which are proven effective in bridging gaps towards the strengthening of the Tamaraw spirit.

One FEU goal is also highlighted as it aims to involve students and graduates from its different campuses: FEU Manila, FEU FERN College & FEU Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation.

TamBayan screenshot

Likewise, it has opened its door to supporters who would want to interact with Tams online. Students & alumni from other schools and Team Tamaraw fans are all welcomed to register in the forum.

So, if you are TAMARAW but have not registered yet for our online community, take the next minute to do so. Be one with us. One Team Tamaraw, One FEU. This is OURS. If you have questions as to how to register, send me a message in the TamSpeak found in the left side.

Share. Discuss. Yell FEU!

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