Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[My] TeamTam0708: Friendship with a Purpose

Leading Tamaraw Volunteers is no mean feat especially because the organization so to speak exists as one of the most active & dynamic student organizations at FEU these days. This could have been for the reason that the organization founded in 2002 is just really acting on its credo of empowering the youth and enabling people to be positive contributors of the society. Nevertheless, heading FEU TAMVOL has been a fulfilling mission mainly attributable to the people we call the TeamTam, the FEU TAMVOL Executive Board.

Team TAMVOL 2007-2008: Soaring Higher, Serving Better

Let me take this as a special way to thank them. :)

John Arvin Molintas - Arvin is more than a friend to me. He is a sib. Everybody admires his ability to share his didactic life stories & personal experiences. That for me made him an efficient VP. Though he may not be always present during meetings because of his demanding academic life, his role in TAMVOL could never be underestimated. I witnessed him grow from being the Children & Youth Development Chamber Director during Ilo's term to a seasoned FEU student leader who vocally attributes his growth to the org. If there was one thing that I admire about him, it is his capacity to speak his emotions. We share a lot of common, that maybe could explain why we were fit to be called 'halamang dagat' [he coined it]. Ka-tamfam, ka-ponkan, ka-sandigan, kapatid. That's my Jam.

Rendley Alincastre - I honestly couldn't believe that Ren would turn out as a good friend. Dati, nakakasalubong ko lang siya sa third floor ng AB. Nerdy, nerdy. Tahimik. Parang lumilipad pag naglalakad. Ren & I had a share of good moments together. He was once a sleep-over buddy [Tony, Jane, RA, included]. I would remember we would sleep late playing games in his lappy. Isa sa mga taong nagturo sa 'kin ng basics ng Dota. As a volunteer, his love for the children is noteworthy. Certified Kuya [pwede ding Tatay!]. As my VP, he was ever present, just behind me whenever I needed assistance. Aside sa TAMVOL, Ren is the No. 1 Shy-Shy fan. Photographer pro in the making. Altruist EIC din. :) That's Ren, my VP.

Nona Ianne Grace Palima - I'm sure she'll react upon reading the name. She just hates the name Nona, while I love including that as an address term. I consider Ianne my sidekick. It was her, to whom I would open up things related to the organization. Maybe because we share the same ride back home. Or more than that. Despite her seemingly strong personality, I found her accomodating. If I was the Tatay ng TAMVOL, she was the Nanay. Her role to the org went beyond documenting meetings and events, she was an ear to my concerns and even sentiments. She is an ideal girl not only to Dino but to the many, kaya habulin ng nakaraan. Haha. It is no denying that she was fit to the post. Once a stranger, now a friend worth treasuring. That's Ianne. :)

First TAMVOL Meeting: SY 2007-2008

Anthony Ramos - I don't know how to start describing Tony. It could have been for the reason that this guy possesses multiple personality disorder. Haha. Yeah, isang taong may MPD na naging special na sa 'kin. Many times, I would get irritated to his jokes & ka-epalan. But that's the superficial him. What lies beneath is a guy, just like anybody else, who is capable of being appreciated. His industry is most admirable: one reason why I resorted to choosing him to run for IASSC. Though I really wanted him to focus sa TAMVOL, I know he will still be working as an effective VP. I remember he would mimic my phonetics, and write down things which I would say. Partner sa overnight sessions, UAAP games, badminton/volleyball, dorm-mate. That's my one & only Toni.

Brigida Jane Tolentino - Bjane was once our bunso sa TAMVOL. Parang si Tony, her industry is impressive. She just proved that "Nursing students could not be an effective and dedicated leader" is a myth. Certified TAMVOL having started young in the org. The oldest if I may say so in TeamTam0708. Just like anybody else, she has her own sensitivities, which I appreciate most being his Kuya. Malambing na bata. At times, I see myself in her reflection. Jane will always be my younger sister.

Rose Anne Guillermo - R.A. & I were batchmates in the IAS Student Council. Having seen her dedication as a leader, I was inspired to encourage her to join TeamTam, a decision which I never ever regreted. She is more than a friend to me. She's also a sib. We had a share of good and bad moments together, one thing that surely made our friendship stronger. Hers is a personality that is most inspiring & accomodating. Ka-IASSC, ka-tamfam, ka-ponkan. That's my Cuki.

Second TAMVOL Meeting: SY 2007-2008

Author's Note: This post is of course inspired by *Chumie* RA's multiply blog entry. Chamber directors and committee heads, to follow :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lionel Cesora on Video

Lionel Cesora's winning presentation to GMA 7's Eat Bulaga Ang Joke Ko Competition is finally accessible in the You! Tube.

Lionel Cesora is a graduate of BA Mass Communication at the Far Eastern University

Feel free to access the video at this URL:

TOSP NCR 2008: On Formation Thoughts and the Batch

I attended the formation for the thirteen finalists of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines - National Capital Region 2008 last Friday held at the PLDT Innotech Lab in Mandaluyong. I was not surprised that the organizers are all members of the TOSP Alumni Community, but I must admit that I was all at once impressed the way they planned and executed the NCR leg formation.
Allow me to just enumerate thoughts and events that I would like to share about the programme which lasted from 800AM til 800PM:
1. I had to fly to PLDT for I was informed that the programme would be starting at 700AM. I was the second to arrive. I had mini chitchat with UST's Jen, my first TOSP friend. :)
2. Karl Ramoso was present. It was nice being with a fellow Tamaraw leader in the crowd of the best student leaders in NCR. *winks*
3. I listed some of the best teambuilding activities we had in the formation. I'm sure I will be needing them in the future.
4. Just in time with the culmination of the day, we were inducted to the TOSP Alumni Community. The TOSP insignia was pinned to me by Kuya Jonathan de Quiroz, TOSP 2007, from Angeles University Foundation.
5. Ate Jen Fabros, FEU TOSP 2006, was one of the facilitators. :)
6. I had to share my dancing prowess [which I would opt to hide] with my batch during the creative presentation. It was all of Maj [Assumption] and Ralph's doing! [hehe]
7. Thanks for Kuya Paul for sharing us a ride up to Quezon Avenue.
It's three days before the interview and awarding ceremonies. Being in the pool of thirteen [13] good hearted and outstanding young people, it already brings me a certain feeling of joy. God bless us all. 0:)
Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines
National Capital Region

Jim Eduard P. Trinidad
University of Santo Tomas
Medicine and Health-Related Professions
BS Nursing

Benjo Almonte Delarmente
University of the Philippines – Manila
Medicine and Health-Related Professions
Doctor of Medicine

Warren Ramos Bacorro
University of Santo Tomas
Medicine and Health-Related Professions
Doctor of Medicine

Timothy James L. Yusun
Ateneo de Manila University
Agriculture, Science and Math
BS Mathematics

Jennifer W. Ang
University of Santo Tomas
Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Marine Transportation
BS Industrial Engineering

Norman Giovanni Guevarra
Technological Institute of the Philippines – Manila
Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Marine Transportation
BS Chemical Engineering

John Paul C. Uminga
Far Eastern University – Manila
Humanities, Communication and Social Sciences
AB English Language

Marie Eugenie Y. Dizon
Assumption College
Humanities, Communication and Social Sciences
BS Psychology

Clark Jefferson N. Cue
Ateneo de Manila University
Criminology and Law, Business, Economics, Industry and Entrepreneurship (Various)
BS Management Engineering and AB Economics - Honors

Karl William G. Ramoso
Far Eastern University - Manila
Business, Economics, Industry and Entrepreneurship (Accountancy only)
BS Accountancy

Rafael Vicente R. Calinisan
Ateneo de Manila University
Criminology and Law, Business, Economics, Industry and Entrepreneurship (Various)
Doctor of Jurisprudence

Richardson E. Navor
University of the East - Caloocan
Business, Economics, Industry and Entrepreneurship (Accountancy only)
BS Accountancy

Ian Kristoffer P. Zamora
Centro Escolar University
Criminology and Law, Business, Economics, Industry and Entrepreneurship (Various)
BS Business Administration, Major in Management

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Personal: Dinner at 11:00PM!

It's six (6) minutes before 11:00PM and I am yet to finish my dinner. Yes, my dinner. Hehe. The day broke the monotony of a typical May. I have to force myself to wake up at 5:00am [I slept at 1:00am], munch a cinnamon cake for breakfast, and fly walk [allow me to coin the term] in the streets heading to my direction.
I met interesting personalities: a future Ateneo lawyer, a Thomasian Nursing grad who would be taking up the board next week, soon-t0-be doctors, Ateneo & Assumption valedictorians, mathematician, UP leader-activist, and more. The day was filled with fun and insights. It was overwhelming that to even attempt to write about it now, I would surely not be able to organize my thought fully well.
For now, I think I will just have to finish my meal, shut the computer down after, and enjoy a good night sleep for tomorrow will be different. =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pre-TOSP Formation Train of Thoughts

Today, I will be meeting some of the best young leaders in the National Capital Region who qualified for the regional leg of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. I could not help but get excited inspiring me to write something about it even before leaving the flat.
I am excited to know how these young people as I am perform their role in building and re-building this nation, which have seemingly become more challenging and more pressing than any time in the Philippine history. I cannot wait to discover how these young people have responded to the challenges of the time and how they embody our National Hero's youth being the fairhope of the offing.
Just as I opened the homepage of my internet browser, Yahoo! shared in an article how thumbs up is being used in United States as a nonverbal gesture. While this may not be as universal as the peace sign, thumbs up, in America, according to the article, is gestured to implicate "good job" or "everything is right". [Read the entire article at:]
To all TOSP NCR finalists [well, my future new circle of friends], THUMBS UP to all!
For now, I think I have to proceed in the bathroom for I don't want to be late in the formation. Be updating you all tonight. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol 7 Signing Off

American Idol Season 7 officially ended with David Cook owning the title, after a heartwarming and seemingly surprising result. If it could not have been for the performance night the day before which became an unconscious declaration of Archie winning A.I., I would have thought that the season finale is a mismatch. Well, the winner has been named. Cheers to David Cook for taking in the the bitter pills from Paula, Randy and Simon, and being triumphant at the end. That's sure sweet victory! You deserve Simon Cowell's apology.

Meanwhile, I could not wait to grab my own copy of the Season 7 Album. Thanks to my housemates for sharing me with this craze. I was not an A.I. fan before though I love listening to Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks and Kelly Clarkson.
My top three Season 7 idols
1. David Archuleta
2. Syesha Mercado
3. David Cook

Yes, DA is still my number one idol. I am confident he will go far even without the title. I particularly like his rendition of Imagine, The Long & Winding Road, Think of Me, Another Day in Paradise, and Mary Did You Know.

Allow me to congratulate Ramiele Malubay, Filipino American in Florida, who made it in the Top 9 of the American Idol Season 7. She followed fellow Fil-Am Jasmin Trias' feat who was in the top three of Season 6. Kudos to these Pinoy prides! Speaking of Filipino pride, Reynaldo Lapuz performed during the Season Finale. I must admit that I was awed by his hilarious performance.


It's time to say goodbye to AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7. Let's all root now for GMA 7's version of PINOY IDOL. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin!

Personal Writing History: Writing as a Theraphy & as a Curse

I started writing during high school sophie year, when for the first time, I discovered that I have this pen-sliding power waiting to be cultivated. That time, I even rarely passed the screening set for aspiring writers of our HS paper called the Rosean Chronicle and felt the initial blow of having partially rejected. Partially because I was assigned to handle a not-so-significant slash extra-editorial-position called the Entertainment Section [I hear you say, interesting. Not exactly]. The following years, I saw myself in progression as I was tasked as the News Editor and finally Editor-in-Chief, respectively, during my last two years in Mystical Rose School of Caloocan, a seemingly young private semi-Catholic school near our residence.

This was the first time that I attempt to trace my personal history as a writer. During our high school commencement, I was awarded 'Writer of the Year' which I credit to our [RC EdBoard] having published at least an issue which the batch ahead of us failed to do so.

Writing for me is life. I could still remember how I would keep, read, re-read [for countless times] and even share diaries where I religiously recounted minute-by-minute experiences: What I did in this subject and that. How many times I recited in class. How I compare my performance in class with the top students. What and where we ate [and who I ate with]. In other words, how I spent the day! I could not exactly remember though when I started scribbling and doodling in blank pages until I create a narration reflecting my train of thoughts.

College is a different story to tell. Leadership skills coupled with writing prowess can actually move mountains. I embraced the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 and inspired so well to initiate the foundation of the FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences the Paragon. I was Auditor-Editor of our batch in Council. That was in my junior year, but prior to this was the foundation of The Altruist, the official publication of the FEU Tamaraw Volunteers, my most fave organization.
But just like any passion, writing is a jealous mistress. It would require you to read, read, and read. But not only that, you must translate the products of your reading into words glamored with personal experiences. After all, the best book one could have is a book of life full of conversations and of silence, of encounters and agonies, of laughters and of sorrows.

As I grow up, I found comfort in writing as an activity as though finding a space of surrender & a zone of retreat. We have our ways of dealing with life's complexities, and writing becomes an avenue of self-expression. Whenever problems seem unbearable, a pen or a computer keyboard will surely lighten the load. I began expressing and channeling my thoughts of depression and sheer loneliness through the ostensibly powerless ink of the pen.

The pen has been my armor, a friend if I may call it. Many of us become so weak to express words esp. those which might hurt or disappoint others. Writers, for the most part, choose a better escape. We hide behind words masking our individuality with phrases and sentences waiting to be read. We reveal our emotions and agonies via letters and symbols so that when we face the world we are new. When we write, we allow people to understand us, to discover us in a pace which we ourselves set. But that does not mean we are cowards. While we create a labyrinth directing to the discovery of our greatest fears and mundane thoughts, we discover who our friends really are.
Or do we? Therapheutic writing can actually turn into a curse. While you heal in a singular basis, people tend to misjudge you. Writing can be misleading as it can be misinterpreted. But if there is one thing that I have learned in the past few days, it is that: a pen can never replace a friend. When we write down our emotions, we lessen the burden. It's theraphy. But when we open up with a friend, we tighten and deepen our relationship with him. Paper and pen cannot give us feedback. But a friend's mere presence is sometimes more than what we need.
While I write my life, I want you to read it. Not because YOU ARE my friend, but because I AM YOUR friend.
Because friends understand beyond spoken words. Will you?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Tams Made it to TOSP NCR

This afternoon, I had a meeting with Dr. Marcon Espino, the Student Leadership Coordinator of FEU, who is actually one of my personal mentors. Since it was the first time that we met after the TOSP NCR news broke out, I was warmly welcomed in his humble space at OSACS. If there were things that I admire about Dr. Marcon, that would be his unmatched labor & passion towards working with young people - that perhaps made him fit for the post.

As I was invited to sit, we bagan discussing TOSP-related concerns: formation schedule, dress code, awarding ceremonies, invited guests, among other things. Simply put: expectations coupled with words of encouragement. I must admit that being named one of the TOSP NCR finalists already brought me a sense of contentment, which in one way or another, unconsciously breaks into my system weaker impetus to meet people's expectation. I must realize that I should aim higher. I should aim higher. A famous adage resounds: believe and you're half there. Just like what I told Argi Goze [AB Mass Communication 2008], my successor in TAMVOL [who personally gained my admiration], who qualified for Bayer Young Envoy Luzon, let's give them a good fight. We will. Not for anybody else, but for those who believe in us, the Tamaraw Community.

Proud Tamaraws in Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines National Capital Region [TOSP NCR] 2008: Karl (Left) William Ramoso (IABF BS Accountancy) & (Right) John Paul Uminga (IAS AB English Language Studies)

Together with me in this year's TOSP NCR from FEU is Karl William Ramoso, Magna Cum Laude BS Accountancy graduate. Last year, we had Raymond Mazo from the Institute of Nursing.

May God Bless Us Both! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FEU MassCom Alumnus is Eat Bulaga's Winner Comedian

Lionel Cesora, a good friend and fellow Tamaraw, was declared winner in GMA 7 Eat Bulaga's Search for Stand Up Comedian held last Saturday, May 17, 2008. Lionel is a graduate of AB Mass Communication Class of 2008 from the Far Eastern University Manila.

The three [3] participants of the competition were selected from a pool of hopefuls, who underwent rigid screening and scrutiny by the panel. During the competition proper, Lionel stood out as a far cry from his competitors, owing his training from one of the most prestigious student theatre groups in the country today, the FEU Theater Guild. The remarkable script he himself wrote coupled with spontaneous, natural delivered garnered the admiration of the crowd, particularly the trio: Tito, Vic & Joey, who served as judges.

Aside from being a famous face in campus as member of the Theater Guild, he was also an active student leader as officer and member of: FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences Dance Company (President/ SY 2007-2008), FEU IAS Student Council (PRO/ SY 2005-2006), FEU Tamaraw Volunteers, & FEU Sandigan Party Alliance.

From your Tamaraw Family, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, Lionel Cesora a.k.a. Nurah, the Teen Superstar!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who's the Better David of American Idol 7?

Last Thursday, American Idol bid goodbye to the 21-year-old natural performer and personal fave Syesha Mercado leaving the two talented Davids in the final round of the high-rated talent search famous not only in America but even to other countries, like the Philippines.
While the two Davids may be equally gifted, it is good to know what could serve as their edge over the other. David Archuleta garnered my personal admiration since I got hooked by A.I. mainly because I have high regards to young talents. On the personal note, it is almost more pleasing to hear children and young people sing over the older ones. It is undenying that the younger David has on his back multitude of fans.

Battle of Davids in American Idol 7: Who's your bet?

This is not to say that David Cook failed to get my attention. In fact, the three of them [Syesha included in the list] are my top three bets for the season. Looking for a perfect package? That would definitely be the 25-year-old David Cook who IMO carries with him the aura of a successful solo artist of the world today. Win or lose, I guess he will really make it big in the music industry.

It is going to be talent + youthful charm vs. talent + maturity this coming final night.

May the better David win.
* * *

Meanwhile, while American Idol is nearing its end, Pinoy Idol, the Philippines' version of the show, aired every Saturday in GMA, is yet to cut down its initial qualifiers.

Photo courtesy: /

Friday, May 16, 2008

FEUCSO Treasurer-Elect Leaves SAMASA

"Gd mrning sandigan! Hav a great sat! Gdbles!"

The above SMS woke my senses up in this cold Saturday morning, as it did not actually come from a Sandigan friend. Surprisingly enough, it came from Vincent Carillo, who is the incumbent Treasurer of the FEU Central Student Organization [FEUCSO] who ran under SAMASA Party in the previous University Elections.

Okay, okay. I know I should not be that surprised as, upon hearing the news that broke yesterday, I immediately sent SMS of expected inquiries to friend Weber Amores, FEUCSO President [who told me the news] and Vince himself.

Below was Vince [photo in the right] and I's line of conversation:

John: Hi Vince!
Vince: Cnu po to?
John: It's Kuya Jap, Sandigan Vice-Chair. How are you?
Vince: Hi poh...d pa po yta kta nkkta kya d po kta kla2... Alam kung alam u nah po kung anung ngyari
John: I'm a familiar face in cmpus. :) Just want to know the reason behind ur decision.
Vince: I chose sandgan 4 my last yr n college. personal reasons. yup, sandigan na po q. i hope i-welcome po aq. [note: not exact words for i had erased the message in my phone]
John: I think i wud hav to welcome u. Welcome to our family, Vince!
Vince: Thank u...its my pleasure...
Vince: Hi 2 my new family...

FEUCSO 2008-2008: Pseudo-Straight Sandigan?

With that flow of talk, I was able to initially confirm that the rumor was no rumor. At this point, what I want to do is to talk with him personally which I deem most appropriate. When I asked whether he has already talked with Samasa, he replied: "Opo, na-settle q n po lahat".

Meanwhile, before I even talked with Vince [via SMS], I asked Web if he invited him [Vince] to join us in the Party. He told me that it started as a joke. I offered it to him then he took it personally tapos ayun na, he added.

Whether this is true or just an anomaly, I honestly could not tell at the moment. If it was true, this would obviously speak something about the two existing political organizations at FEU. How could a FEUCSO officer-elect leave behind the party which more or less contributed to his present post? Why does a leader's loyalty become questionable and shaky? Why did he opt to pursue such a decision?

I will let you think the answers for the above questions. You know I would be biased. :)

To Vincent Carillo, I know I have said you this already, WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY, the home of servant leaders and achievers.
At the end of the day, you would know that political affiliation does not really matter. Pure heart of service & will to actualize your vision for a better FEU, DO!
Team FEUCSO, God Bless!

TamBayan: The FEU Online Community is the online portal of Far Eastern University students and alumni. On its first year, it existed as an online forum connected to the FEU Advocate, the official student publication. In fact, its previous site URL was reflective of the link between the celebrated publication to the online forum.

Known as TamBayan [Tamaraw community], it is slowly gaining popularity even among non-Tamaraws. TamBayan stands today as the e-community of every FEU student and alumnus allowing them to share views and thoughts on various issues & topics. It has become a venue for self-expression which could be helpful in addressing student-related concerns and which are proven effective in bridging gaps towards the strengthening of the Tamaraw spirit.

One FEU goal is also highlighted as it aims to involve students and graduates from its different campuses: FEU Manila, FEU FERN College & FEU Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation.

TamBayan screenshot

Likewise, it has opened its door to supporters who would want to interact with Tams online. Students & alumni from other schools and Team Tamaraw fans are all welcomed to register in the forum.

So, if you are TAMARAW but have not registered yet for our online community, take the next minute to do so. Be one with us. One Team Tamaraw, One FEU. This is OURS. If you have questions as to how to register, send me a message in the TamSpeak found in the left side.

Share. Discuss. Yell FEU!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome to TamarawAko!©

TamarawAko!© is the blogsite dedicated as a personal space to the author's views and thoughts about being a Tamaraw. Get to more about Far Eastern University beyond the superficial and the structural.

Likewise, it shall also be the author's journal recounting experiences as a fresh graduate and re-visiting worthwhile memories gained while in the loving arms of Nicanor Reyes. Posts shall also include thoughts about leadership [student/servant], the youth power, the environment, trends and technology and anything revolving around the author's head.
While this blogsite is personally maintained, copyright laws are applied. Any content could not be copied in any manner without prior permission to the owner.

This is all about me, and my world. Since my world includes you, this site is for us! Enjoy your stay. Be proud Tamaraws!

Comments & suggestions are highly encouraged. Keep them coming