Saturday, June 7, 2008

060808 Hodgy-Podgy

I barely have two (2) days for me to accomplish everything concerning with my bid book for the national selection of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. Feeling the need to improve my BB, the old 24-page is turned to 41 leaves, plus a super improved supporting documentation files. Hehe. I have already shelled out nearly Php1, 000.00 printing photos, which is hoped to be reimbursed as soon as OSACS get back to office after the student leaders' training in Baguio & the upcoming holiday.

I received an invitation from Baliuag University to be their guest speaker for a Galing Pilipino Kapihan this coming June 12. I was informed that my topic would be: GP Kabataan para sa Kalayaan, which I am yet to ponder on because of my pressing TOSP deadline. I haven't confirmed or said no to Luianne at the moment. While I have gotten used to speaking in the public, this, if ever, would be the first time that I will speak as a guest speaker in an event whose crowd are non-Tamaraws. It's really going to be 'me going out of my comfort zone' & the idea excites me.

Hours are counted and a new academic year shall be starting. I am happy about how my fave organization is performing even before the year starts. Well, trademark na talaga yan ng TAMVOL. Walang baka-bakasyon :) I haven't done preparing the materials which I shall be using for a heart-to-heart talk with Argi, my predecessor. I just couldn't allow me being pathetic and complacent about how TAMVOL will become without at least words of advice, to be taken not from a former President, but to a TAMVOL member who has been in the organization for more than three years. I always believe that EVALUATED EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER, and at this point, I would like the new breed of servant leaders to be connected in the past while maintaining the fresh outlook for the future.

Needless to say, I am yet to jumpstart my career. It's June already, and I am itching to thread a new path...

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